No one had any idea that at 4:22 PM on Friday, September 12, 2008, the lives of more than 200 completely innocent people would both change and be brought together.  They or their loved ones were injured or killed while riding on  Metrolink #111.

They started seeing each other at the scene, at hospitals, at memorial services, and at public dedications.

When they realized that the Federal Liability Damage Limit law, Section 28103 of Title 49 of the  United States Code singles out rail passenger victims  and also makes them, and not the truly culpalble French corporation and its subsidiaries who are the root cause of this tragic disaster,  they started emailing and meeting with elected officials and doing what they can to put both the blame and the financial responsibility where it should be: on the back of the Veolia corporation and off the backs of the Metrolink # 111 passengers/ loved ones  and  the taxpayers of America.

Therefore the group Justice and Railroad Safety  (JARS) was formed.

If this has happened to us, it can certainly happen almost anywhere in the USA.   The same French corporation claims it carries 350 million passengers a year world wide.  It claims it is North America's,  Europe's and the World's largest transportation company.  And its website supports those claims.

But from the time that it began operating Metrolink trains in Southern California in 2005, it is now obvious that it did anything but practice its number one web site claim : that safety  is its number one priority.

JARS is trying to let everyone know what the real facts are and  how Veolia chose to run its railroad.  And to obtain  full justice for them from the culpable party thereby both preventing the US Taxpayers from bearing any burden. And to also thereby make railroads safer.

Justice And Railroad Safety

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